Carrot & Orange Jam مربای هویج وپرتقال

Making jam or as we say in Farsi: Morabba مربا in Iran is very popular. Morabba is an Arabic word for jam. In Iran, morabba refers to sweet preserves or jams. In Iran, we make different types of jam with fruits, vegetables and flowers such as: watermelon rind jam, pumpkin jam, lemon/orange jam, fresh pistachio… Continue reading Carrot & Orange Jam مربای هویج وپرتقال


Aubergine Jam مربای بادمجان

Eggplant/ aubergine is One of the tastiest jams in the world. Eggplant is called bademjan بادمجان in Farsi. This jam is popular in Iran and Middle East countries. My mother used to make this beautiful jam and maybe you say aubergine jam, I have never heard about it or never tried it??!!!!! BUT if you try, you will be know… Continue reading Aubergine Jam مربای بادمجان