Drinks and beverages

Saffron Tea چای زعفران

Saffron/ Zafaraan زعفران or Zarparaan زرپران is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron is called king of spices and sunshine of spice not only due to it’s gorgeous colour and flavour but also it has lots of benefits for human body. Saffron boosts memory, it is an antidepressant, and good for… Continue reading Saffron Tea چای زعفران

Drinks and beverages

Delicious Creamy Home made Cappoccino

I love to have my cup of coffee everyday especially with lots of milk. If I go to a cafe I order cappuccino and at home I love to make my cappuccino. Maybe this one is strange by one of my uncles used to mix instant coffee with black tea and he loved it. Nescafe… Continue reading Delicious Creamy Home made Cappoccino

Drinks and beverages

Authentic espresso – The Italian way

It’s one of the most traditional and common coffee gadgets which is called moka pot or stove top coffee maker. I enjoy my coffee maker a lot. My coffee maker is a Pedirini 1942, and produces a delicious coffee or espresso with that authentic Italian taste. Every time after making coffee, hand wash the coffee… Continue reading Authentic espresso – The Italian way

Drinks and beverages, Nations food

Refreshing Saffron Mango Lassi

Lassi is a traditional Indian beverage. Lassi is a yogurt based drink and might be sweet lassi or salty lassi. Sweet Lassi is a mixture of yogurt with spices, milk /rose water and fruits such as mango, strawberries or lemon. It is flavoured with cardamom, saffron and rose water. Salty Lassi is a mixture of… Continue reading Refreshing Saffron Mango Lassi

Drinks and beverages

Spicy Hot Chocolate شکلات داغ برای زمستون سرد

I had my best hot chocolates in the Wedel café at Warsaw. In cold winters of Warsaw, real hot chocolate is great. This café serves amazing hot chocolate, that is totally deliciousو with different flavours such as: mint, strawberry, ….. Those hot chocolates were tasty, and so thick that your lips stock together, and always… Continue reading Spicy Hot Chocolate شکلات داغ برای زمستون سرد