Dolma, Omelettes/ eggs

Onion Omelette Stuffed Tomatoes

If you want to try a new way of cooking omelette, then, do not move, sit back and read this recipe. It is tasty tomatoes are stuffed with eggs, caramelized onions and spices. Just with a few ingredients you can create such a scrumptious dish. Keep in mind that I am not adding the amount… Continue reading Onion Omelette Stuffed Tomatoes

Dolma, Vegetarains

Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز

For all dolmeh/dolma دلمه lovers or stuffed dishe lovers, this is an excellent and comfy main meal. Dolmeh/dolma دلمه is a kind of stuffed dish. The word dolma is a Turkish word and it means to fill. Dolmeh is a popular dish in Iran, Arabic countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan and East Europe. In Iran there are… Continue reading Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز


Stuffed Whole Cabbage دلمه کلم برگ درسته

I do not want to say all of us but let say most of us know traditional stuffed cabbage rolls. In different countries there are  variety of stuffed cabbage leaves recipes. In Iran we make stuffed cabbage leaves  with sweet-sour taste and also  savoury version of the dish. But today I am going to introduce… Continue reading Stuffed Whole Cabbage دلمه کلم برگ درسته


Cabbage rolls (Stuffed cabbage leaves)

Dolmeh/dolma is a kind of stuffed dish which is very popular in Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Greece, Arabic countries and East Europe. There are different versions of dolma: such as eggplant, zucchinه, tomato, potato, cabbage, grape leaves, bell pepper. Dolma usually stuffed with a delicious filling of rice, meat, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. I have… Continue reading Cabbage rolls (Stuffed cabbage leaves)


Persian Stuffed Zucchini (Dolmeh Kadoo دلمه کدو سبز)

Dolama or dolmeh دلمه is a tasty dish found in Iranian cuisine, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Arabic countries and Central Asia. The word dolma is a Turkish word and means to fill.  Dolma is the Persian version of stuffed vegetables. You can use eggplant, zucchini, onion, or tomato and stuff with either ground beef or turkey and… Continue reading Persian Stuffed Zucchini (Dolmeh Kadoo دلمه کدو سبز)