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How To Make Potato Rosti

Rosti روستی is very simple, easy and at the same time delicious potato dish. It is mostly made with a grated potatoes. In some recipes onions or bacon can be added to potato rosti as well. Rosti روستی سیب زمینی How To Make Rosti Salt and pepper to tasteButter or olive oil Wash the potatoes.… Continue reading How To Make Potato Rosti


Best Home Made Corn Dogs

This is one of the most delicious home made corn dogs recipe. Easy, quick and yummy. You will need tall glass, a deep frying pot or pan, and wooden skewers. Home Made Corn Dogs 6-7 hotdogs1¼ cups plain flour¾ cup milk¾ cup corn flour¼ cup sugar2 eggs1 tsp salt1 tsp baking powderPinch of pepperOil for… Continue reading Best Home Made Corn Dogs


Baking Potatoes on Hot Stones

Hi everyone. I am so excited about my following recipe. Obviously they are baked potatoes, but they are not cooked on hot coals or wood. I tell you what it was. It’s an amazing method to bake Campfire style potatoes in the kitchen, on the hot pebble stones on top of the stove in a… Continue reading Baking Potatoes on Hot Stones

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Basma Recipe طرز تهیه باسما

Salam, hi everybody. I love to try dishes from different countries. That’s why I tried an absolute delicious and rich dish from Uzbekistan ازبکستان, an ancient country in Central Asia. It is called ‘Basma باسما ‘ a slow cooked beef/lamb stew. Basma means press down. It is a simple dish. The Result production is tender… Continue reading Basma Recipe طرز تهیه باسما


Vavishka واویشکا دوست دارید

Northern part of Iran is called ‘Shomal شمال=North’ in Farsi language, and it is located near the Southern shores of the Caspian sea. It’s a beautiful green land, covered with Hyrcanian forests, famous Iranian rice and tea fields. North of Iran is one of favourite destinations for summer time with amazing nature, clean weather far… Continue reading Vavishka واویشکا دوست دارید