Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)

Mutekke or Cigarette  cookies are  traditional Azerbaijani cookies. Mutekke which is called bolster in English language is a long and narrow pillow filled with cotton or feather. By the way I have attached some photos of Mutekke in following photos. So name of this cookie come from their shape which resembles a traditional tube-shaped pillow which in old times of Iran, we used to use … Continue reading Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)

No bake cookies with smarties

These cookies require just simple ingredients. You do not need an oven to make them. I made these cookies with smarties but you can substitute smarites for dried fruits or chocolate chips. They are super easy to make. Ingredients 1 ½ cups oat flour ½ cup smartise 2 tbsp unsalted butter 1 tsp vanilla or orange extract ½ cup brown sugar 3 tnbsp milk pinch … Continue reading No bake cookies with smarties

No bake cookies with peanut butter

Sometimes no bake desserts will come handy in Summer season and warm weather. No need to heat up your kitchen by using the oven or gas stove. Ingredients 3 cups oat flour ¾ cup peanut butter pinch of salt ½ cup honey ¾ cup dark or white chocolate, melted 1 tsp vanilla extract How to make it? line a large plate with parchment paper and … Continue reading No bake cookies with peanut butter

Peach cookies

These tempting, pretty peach shape cookies are just beauties and suitable for any occasion, for 4 seasons, and resemble to the real peaches.   Ingredients 210g plain flour ½ tsp baking powder 80g unsalted butter 55g plain yogurt 2 egg yolks pinch of salt 50g white sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract   Ingredients for filling 1/3 cup Nutella or 1/3 peach jam Ingredients for colouring … Continue reading Peach cookies

Tiramisu truffles

A delicious Italian dessert with creamy texture, wonderful flavour and simple to make it. Ingredients 140g lady fingers biscuits 1 tsp Nescafe or espresso 3tbsp = 30 ml boiling water 1 cup Mascarpone or soft cheese 1/3 cup= 50g powdered sugar (icing sugar) ½ tsp vanilla extract Nutella Cocoa powdered   How to make it Add boiling water to Nescafe, mix it and set aside … Continue reading Tiramisu truffles

Fruity Chocolate Bars

A very easy , beautiful and delicious snack and dessert that everyone would love it. The wonderful thing abut this chocolate bar recipe is that you just need chocolate bars ( dark milk or white) , dried fruits such as orange, kiwi, apple, apricot, dates….. and nuts such as walnuts, almond, pistachio, hazelnut, peanuts, cashew or seeds…. Or even biscuits. Ingredients Chocolate : dark, white … Continue reading Fruity Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Covered Date Pops

I like call these beauties golden and sliver dates. They are healthy and good source of fibre and vitamins. Persian dates are called ‘ Khorma  ; in Farsi, however other words such as Nakhl and Rotab  are used too. Dates are grown and cultivated in South and East of Iran. From a historical point of view, it is estimated that the date palm was cultivated … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Date Pops

No Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Bites

For summer time with warm weather, nothing is better than summery desserts. I love all kinds of cheese cake, so decided to make cheese cake bites. These cake bites are very creamy and delicious. It is very simple and it’s preparing is much easier than regular cheese cake. I used raspberries but you can choose your favourite fruit such as strawberries, blackberries, …. Ingredients 140 … Continue reading No Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Bites