My Crepe Recipe

For a lazy weekend breakfast or as a dessert, these gorgeous crepes are perfect. The following recipe is an easy recipe for making delicious crepes کرپ just in 5 minutes. In following recipe, You do not need to any rising agent like, yeast or baking powder among the ingredients. You just make a batter of… Continue reading My Crepe Recipe


Tiny Apple Cakes

These tiny apple cakes پای سیب are so very popular in Iran. You can buy these beauties from any confectionery shops in Iran. These cakes have a spongy texture, dusted with icing sugar and with cinnamony flavour. It is really easy to prepare them at home with simplest ingredients. Tiny Apple Cakes ( Pie-e Seeb)… Continue reading Tiny Apple Cakes

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Dutch Baby

A beautiful, big , puff off pancake. You have no idea that with a few ingredients how much is easy to create such a giant and yummy pancake پنکیک for an impressive breakfast treat. We will need one of these cast iron skillet and a pair of gloves. Dtuch baby داچ بیبی is known as… Continue reading Dutch Baby


Classical Gaz Recipe (Persian Nougat)

Gaz گز or Iranian nougat is one of the favourite sweets in Iran. Gaz is originated in Isfahan اصفهان and Gaz dates backs to 450 years ago in Isfahan. Isfahan اصفهان is located in centre of Iran . Isfahan or Hispahan/ Esfahan/ Sepahan is well known for it’s architecture, palaces, tiled mosques, covered bridges and… Continue reading Classical Gaz Recipe (Persian Nougat)


Delicate Donuts Recipe

Have you ever seen or tried these bite sized yummy donuts👇👇😊😊??There was a bakery near our house, and you could find these donuts there, and I could not resist to buy some of them. Maybe you think, that baking donuts is very difficult or perhaps messy but believe me not about these donuts. It’s absolutely… Continue reading Delicate Donuts Recipe