Popcorn Balls

I should say popcorn balls are so tasty, I mean sooooo tasty and delicious with a simple recipe you can create such a attractive treat for parties. Popcorn balls are sticky and for making them sticky you can use marshmallow, corn syrup, molasses or honey. Popcorn Balls 7 cups plain popcorns180 g marshmallows¼ cup butter1… Continue reading Popcorn Balls

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Chocolate Bomb

This chocolate bombs are known as Izmir bomb or Izmir bomba. It is a Turkish traditional dessert filled up with melted chocolate cream or Nuttela. It is rich, impressive and unforgettable dessert. It is very quick and easy recipe to follow. Everyone will love it. Chocolate bomb 140 g plain flour70 ml lukewarm water2 tbsp… Continue reading Chocolate Bomb

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The Most Heavenly Baklava Kadayif

Baklava/baklawa/باقلوا is heavenly delicious and sweet dessert from Middle East. It is rich and sweet. If you promise yourself, ok I will just have a small portion baklava but believe me, after eating that small portion you can not help yourself and want more 😃😃 you can be addicted to baklava. I am also a… Continue reading The Most Heavenly Baklava Kadayif


Heavenly Chocolate Fridge Cake

In the summer time, forget the oven. I’s much better to switch it off and make some desserts like this delicious chocolate fridge cake instead. It’s fun to make a delicious, easy and giant chocolate bar for the kids and those adults who like to 'indulge'.. It is brilliant idea for a family and friendly… Continue reading Heavenly Chocolate Fridge Cake