Famous Cheeses

سلام دوستان- پستی که امروز ملاحظه میکنید فیلمش در کانال یوتیوبم به صورت خیلی کامل‌تر موجود هست و اگر بتونید در یوتیوب تماشا کنید خیلی بهتره. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_vGY88cZg4 فکر کردم بد نباشه در مورد پنیر و بعضی از انواع پنیر صحبت کنیم. تا حال فکر کردید چرا ما پنیر دوست داریم؟ پنیر که در انگلیسی به… Continue reading Famous Cheeses


How to Make Home-made Yogurt طرز تهیه ماست خانگی

Yogurt/yoghurt is fermented milk and is called ‘ Must ماست‘ in Farsi language. Yogurt is rich in protein and minerals such as calcium and potassium. You can make a creamy, thick and tangy yogurt at home without machine or any tools. Yes it is super easy and fun to make your own yogurt at home.… Continue reading How to Make Home-made Yogurt طرز تهیه ماست خانگی


A Quick-Easy Home made Butterتهیه کره خانگی فوری

In one of my earlier recipes, I shared home made butter in different flavours, which is made with cream.Click here But today, I would like to share a wonderful recipe for making a quick home made butter from butter itself. ‌Butter is called: Kare کره in Farsi. Yes it is very convenient recipe and you… Continue reading A Quick-Easy Home made Butterتهیه کره خانگی فوری


Let’s Make Flavoured Butter at Home

I have shared a recipe for how to make butter at home. Click here to get the recipe. This post is about flavoured butter. You can be creative and use ingredients for creating delicious butters at home. It is super easy to make flavoured butter with different flavours. For example what I have used are:… Continue reading Let’s Make Flavoured Butter at Home

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Potted Cheese

Potted cheese پاتد چیز is an English spread cheese. It is rich and delicious spread. Basically it is made of cheese with butter . Served with naan bread, crusty bread, crackers and on sandwich. Potted Cheese 350 g cheddar cheese, grated75 g butter1 tbsp mayonaise ½ tsp mustard sauceCayenne pepper to taste In a big… Continue reading Potted Cheese