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Crispy Fried Butter, Honey and Sesame seeds Bread

If you are looking for a superrrrr easy, quick and beyond delicious dessert or snack, you are in right place. Just With a few ingredients, you can make crispy, crunchy butter, honey/golden syrup bread with sesame seeds flavour. Crispy Fried Butter, Honey And Sesame Bread Slices of toast bread or tortilla breadSome honey o golden… Continue reading Crispy Fried Butter, Honey and Sesame seeds Bread

Bread, Desserts

My Another Gata Bread

In my earlier posts, I have shared numbers of recipe for Gata bread. The following recipe is my latest post about how to bake a delicious Gata bread نان گاتا at home. Gata bread is one of the most famouse and delicious Armenian breads. You can buy this delicious bread from bakeries and confesctionery stores… Continue reading My Another Gata Bread


Oven Baked Bread

This is a simple recipe for a very soft and easy home made bread نان with delicious taste. This recipe requires a few ingredients. It is a lovely bread for breakfast. نان خانگی /home made bread Oven Baked Bread 1 kg plain flour650 ml lukewarm water2 tbsp vegetable oil1 tbsp white sugar1 tsp dried yeast1… Continue reading Oven Baked Bread

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Earl Grey Cake

Have you tried or heard about pound cake with Earl Grey tea leaves??!!! I am a tea lover and I love to drink tea with different flavours. Earl Grey tea چای ارل گری is one of them. So imagine to have a cake with Earl Grey flavour. Taste is very surprising and aromatic, a buttery… Continue reading Earl Grey Cake

Bread, Desserts

Tiny Cinnamon Rolls

These tiny cinnamon rollsشیرینی رول دارچینی are crispy, cinnamony 😁and tastyyyyyyyy. With a super easy recipe with puff pastry you can make 10s of tiny cinnamon rolls. They are long last and lovely treat with a cuppa tea or coffee. Or as snack while watching TV 🙂 Tiny Cinnamon Rolls 1 sheet of puff pastryFilling¾… Continue reading Tiny Cinnamon Rolls