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My Homemade Gnocchi گنوکی

Home made gnocchi گنوکی / گنوچی/ نیوکی is very easy and quick. You just need a few ingredients and that’s it. Homemade Gnocchi 1 kg potatoes350 g plain flour1 egg yolksalt and pepper to taste wash potatoes and boil potatoes in salted water until soft and tender. Then, remove skins from the potatoes. Let them… Continue reading My Homemade Gnocchi گنوکی

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I Am A Radio Presenter

Hi everyone. My latest video is in English and Farsi languages. Please watch to the end, it is just about 4 minutes. I hope it catches your attention and you enjoy it. This is the link to radio: and this is my presenters page in same radio station: سلام به همه ی… Continue reading I Am A Radio Presenter

Dolma, Omelettes/ eggs

Onion Omelette Stuffed Tomatoes

If you want to try a new way of cooking omelette, then, do not move, sit back and read this recipe. It is tasty tomatoes are stuffed with eggs, caramelized onions and spices. Just with a few ingredients you can create such a scrumptious dish. Keep in mind that I am not adding the amount… Continue reading Onion Omelette Stuffed Tomatoes


Happy Iranian New Year /Happy Nowruz

Countdown to Iranian New Year (Nowruz نوروز). People buy sweets, candies, nuts and fruits for welcoming new year. Streets planted with beautiful flowers and decorated with painted eggs. Best regards, Rozina's Persian Kitchen Happy Nowruz everyone /نوروز بر همگی مبارک و فرخنده باد These are sweets and nuts that usually we prepare for Nowruz Happy… Continue reading Happy Iranian New Year /Happy Nowruz

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Herbed Rice And Fish With Butter, Saffron and Lemon Sauce – Sabzi Polo Mahi سبزی پلو ماهی

This is one of my highly requested videos, for How and what you make for Persian new year's eve dinner?? 1- Sabzi polo mahi سبزی پلو ماهی : is herbed rice with fish or with kookoo sabzi کوکو سبزی (an herbed frittata or omelette). Another popular and traditional dish for Persian new year’s eve dinner… Continue reading Herbed Rice And Fish With Butter, Saffron and Lemon Sauce – Sabzi Polo Mahi سبزی پلو ماهی