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Persian Scrambled eggs with Feta Cheese and Dill

Gilan Province استان گیلان is in Northern part of Iran, lies along the Caspian Sea دریای مازندران. Gilan borders the Russia across the Caspian Sea. Gilan province is a beautiful green land with load of forests, also in tourism industry is one of the tourists attraction. Each city in Iran has kinds of local foods.… Continue reading Persian Scrambled eggs with Feta Cheese and Dill

Bread, Desserts

Tiny Cinnamon Rolls

These tiny cinnamon rollsشیرینی رول دارچینی are crispy, cinnamony 😁and tastyyyyyyyy. With a super easy recipe with puff pastry you can make 10s of tiny cinnamon rolls. They are long last and lovely treat with a cuppa tea or coffee. Or as snack while watching TV 🙂 Tiny Cinnamon Rolls 1 sheet of puff pastryFilling¾… Continue reading Tiny Cinnamon Rolls


Delicious Russian Milk Cookies (Korjiki )

Korjiki کورجیکی or Gorjiki گورجیکی cookies is a Russian milk cookies بیسکویت شیری روسی, with a taste of cinnamon and dark texture. This cookie is popular in Russia and East Europe. Korjiki is made of flour with honey, milk and …. Perfect treat with a cuppa tea, coffee, hot milk for adults and kids. Russian… Continue reading Delicious Russian Milk Cookies (Korjiki )


Chicken Liver Pate

My family and I love pate پاته / پته , including: chicken, beef livers pate. Some times ago I shared my recipe for chicken liver pate. The following recipe is my another recipe for chicken liver pate that is traditional method in my family. My mother used to make beef or chicken livers pate and… Continue reading Chicken Liver Pate

Bread, Desserts

Little Muffin Cakes

These simple but inviting muffin cakes کیک مافین are made with self raising flour آرد سلف ریزینگ and sugar cubes. Treat yourself and family for an afternoon tea, with these delicious small sponge cakes, jam and butter. With this amount of ingredients you can bake 6 muffins. Muffin cakes 2 eggs140 g self raising flour50… Continue reading Little Muffin Cakes