My Stories From Abroad این کارهارو در کشورهای اروپایی نکنید

Hi everyone 😊. Hope you have had a nice Monday so far. This is my latest video about some of my stories since I have moved to Europe. This video is in Farsi (Persian language) but I have tried to translate it in English and I hope it is understandable. In this video, I… Continue reading My Stories From Abroad این کارهارو در کشورهای اروپایی نکنید

radio show

My Sunday night Love Songs Show

Please come and join me tonight with love songs show on Ayrshire online radio from Scotland. هر یکشنبه شب از ساعت 10 تا 11 همراه من باشید با شو آهنگ های رمانتیک از رادیو آنلاین ایرشایر در اسکاتلند.

cutlet/ pattie, Vegetarains

Red Lentil Patties

These lentil patties are egg free, delicious, satisfying, hearty and healthy, plus easy and quick to make and protein rich meal. One of the best ideas for adding lentils to your diet. These vegetarian lentil patties are crispy-crunchy on the outside and hearty and soft texture on the inside. Red Lentil Patties Food processor… Continue reading Red Lentil Patties


No Egg, No Sugar, No Butter Cake Recipe

This is an eggless and sugar free cake, with moist and soft texture, and still is yummy. Plus, Knowing that, this cake is guilt free, and it is wonderful. Basically it is made with flour, milk, dates and banana. No egg, no butter, no sugar cake 135 g plain flour½ cup milk¼ cup cocoa… Continue reading No Egg, No Sugar, No Butter Cake Recipe


Şekerpare Cookies شیرینی شکر پاره

Şekerpare شکر پاره , is a traditional, beloved and popular Turkish desert, which means "a piece of sweetness or sugar bits.Şekerpare is popular in Greece and Albania too. شکرپاره Şekerpare made with semolina flour, and plain flour. That’s why it has a crumbly and light texture and garnished with an almond, hazelnut or ground pistachios… Continue reading Şekerpare Cookies شیرینی شکر پاره