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Hi everyone,

Please Watch my videos in youtbe : they are in Farsi or English languages. WHO KNOWS, MAYBE YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS. If you like them, subscribe my youtueb channel. For subscribe you should have a gmail account and then you can subscribe to any youtube channle you want. Then press the notification button, so you will not miss new videos. Also if you enjoyed the video, like it and leave a comment too , that’s it, easy peasy😂😂

اگر ویدیوهای من را دوست دارید فراموش نکنید که در کانال یوتیوب من 🌹☝مشترک شوید و لایک و کامنت هم بگذاررید

As you may know, I present 2 shows on Ayrshireonlineradio every week. One is my Persian food podcast that broadcast every Thursday at 11.15 AM and my love songs show broadcasts every Sunday night from 10 to 11PM.

if you have request songs or would like to say hello to someone, please go to my presenters page in following link on the ayrshireonlineradio and fill out the form for next week.

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