Cat Antics – Malus the Kitchen Cat

Hello every body, for some of you who do not know me, I am Malus, a cutie- sweetie pie Persian cat. I am 6 years old and everybody loves me. I am so proud of that. We are, I mean me and my master are busy these days, I am sure you are too, as Christmas and new year is around the corner. I should be everywhere, without me nothing is possible. Christmas is coming and these days we are busy with decorating our tree under my supervision, yes you heard correct, under my supervision and you can see in the photos that I am watching my master.

As you see I am everywhere with my master. To be honest with you, I can not help my self and if I see an open cabinet in the kitchen I should go inside the cabinet and see what is going on. If master has an empty bag, I love to go inside and again check it out. If master is baking or cooking in the kitchen, certainly I am there next to her to see is there something, I can taste it. Also I am a gorgeous model and I am sure some of you have seen me in food photos at this page. Well it’s me. Oh by the way, Me, I mean Malusy says β€˜Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year 2021 in advance to every body.’

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