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Hello everyone. As you may know, I am Iranian and living in Scotland. I am  photographer, cooking teacher and  love to introduce Persian foods, desserts and beverages to people from different cultures.

I do Persain food podcast every Thursday at 11.15AM from Ayrshireonlinradio in Scotland: https://ayrshireonlineradio.weebly.com/

I also do a love songs Show for same radio station every Sunday night from 10PM to 11PM : https://ayrshireonlineradio.weebly.com/rozina-dinaa.html

I share time to time my food recipes in my youtube channel and recently, I added more videos to my channelπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ˜.

My youtueb channel: www.youtube.com/c/rozinadinaa

My channel is all about presenting Persian foods/ cuisine and home decorating ideas. I publish videos that will be educational and fun.

My latests videos are in Farsi language and might not be interesting for you. I would be pleased if you subscribe to my channel. 😊🌹

Thanks for your precious help.πŸŒΉβœ¨πŸ’–

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