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My Favourite Cooking Accessories

I am often asked by my readers where I buy my kitchen items that I use to display my recipes. Some of these items are difficult to find in High Street shops, so I turn to Amazon and I can usually find things that I need.

I will be doing a set of feature articles on some of my favourit accessories and gadgets over the next few weeks. So keep a look out and visit the Amazon store for ideas!

I joined the Amazon Affiliates program so that I can provide links in my recipes that you can click and investigate for yourself.

So here are a few of my favourite things.

Glass Teapots

At home, we love to drink tea. When guests come round, I like to present tea in my glass teapot to show off the lovely colours.. This can be made even more charming if you use tea balls which open to resemble a flower.

The pots can come in all shapes and sizes but my favourite is the Lifeyz Clear Transparent Pumpkin Teapot. It comes in a nice box and is perfect for presenting your freshly brewed tea whether it is green, black or flower tea. The handle does not get hot and it is easy to hand wash. More reasons that I love glass teapot are: 👇👇

  1. It is very classy and perfect for your daily use or gift to someone.
  2. I love my glass tea pot and everyone ask me about it
  3. Reala value for money
  4. It pours easily
  5. This lovely glass tea pot is heat resistant
  6. Very easy to use and clean

Here are some links to teapots that I like.

Of course you will also need tea to put in it!! My favourites are those teas which bloom into the shape of a flower in the hot water.

My favourite is from the Exotic Teapot range. They bloom into the most beautiful flowers. Perfect for impressin your guests. And taste delicious!!! They even do a gift set complete with teapot and 5 sample teas for you to try.

And here is a picture of the teapot I use at home complete with flowering tea!

Don’t forget to include a Teapot warmer to keep your brew piping hot. You can see mine in the photo above but here are a few more ideas.

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