Persian Private Cooking Lessons At Home

Hello every one, perhaps some of you know, I am conducting private Persian cooking classes at my home in Ayrshire. My classes are in small groups of 4 or individually.

By joining my cooking classes, you will have chance to learn how to prepare authentic and traditional Persian and Azerbaijani meals. My traditional recipes are handed down over 3 generations.
In the classes you will learn unique methods for cooking Persian rice. There will demonstrated lots of different side dishes, desserts.
At the end of the lesson you will taste result of the cooking class.
The cost of each class is £80 for per head including what we cook during the class. All recipes will be printed out along with a small pack of home made Persian cookies to take home as complimentary. Each class will be from 11am until 3.30pm.

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    1. Yes I like dogs and especially cats 🙂 , yes if we were closer would be nice to cook and I introduce Persian food to you and your friends.

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