Malus & His New Photos 😻😻

Hi everybody, I just got some new pictures from my cute cat Malus, that i love to share them with you.

He loves sitting in front of window and watch outside. He can sit for hours and watch. I am wondering why he does not get tired of that, because sometimes there is nothing outside but enjoys watching through the window ( or maybe there is something and I do not see it 😂😂)

If I want to take his attention, I just call him, Malus look at me, and he turns round and watch at me, then i takes his gorgeous photos.

When I am in the kitchen, he is with me, and as you see in the photo, I remove a tray from the oven and he is watching it.

He is my kitchen Mr. Inspector!!! if i cook something and i want take photos from my cooking , he is there, Or when i put a basket of fruits or vegetables on the table, he is there. If I want to put something in a cupboard, he goes inside the cupboard !!!

If I want to dusting, he is coming to see what I am doing.

Malus says, thank you for watching my photos. 😸😸😺😺

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