My Malus The Cat

I think you know that I have a Persian cat. His name is Malus. A very cute, kind, super friendly sweet fur ball. He loves to go out of the house in the Spring and Summer time.

He sits in front of the window and when he thinks the time is right to ask to go out, he starts to be very loving and rubs himself against my foot or meows loudly. It means ‘take me out. NOW’.

No matter how much he is handled, he never scratches..never bites..never struggles..but like all cats, we are his servants,

We take him out two times a day for walking in the garden, to watch the world go by. If he notice cats from neighborhood he changes from cute Malus into my little lion king. These are some photos of him. I will post more photos and news about my Malusy.

4 thoughts on “My Malus The Cat”

  1. I read the story of how you met Malus and became his human. He is very handsome! Shahzdeh kuchalu 😍

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