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Authentic espresso – The Italian way

It’s one of the most traditional and common coffee gadgets which is called moka pot or stove top coffee maker.

I enjoy my coffee maker a lot. My coffee maker is a Pedirini 1942, and produces a delicious coffee or espresso with that authentic Italian taste.

Every time after making coffee, hand wash the coffee maker with hot water. Don’t use the dish washer. Always keep the coffee maker clean.

Create A Beautiful Italian Espresso

Roizina Dinaa
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 6


  • coffee maker


  • Fill the funnel with coarse ground coffee. Level off with your finger and do not press
    it. Remove any grounds from the lip of funnel for a secure seal.
  • Pour hot water in the bottom pot (base pot).Place the funnel on the base.
  • Use a napkin and grab the base pot with hot water and seal the it tightly.
  • Place the coffee maker on stove on a low heat. Keep the top cup open. Wait until steam
    is being forced up through the coffee grounds.
  • Once coffee starts to flow, you will hear a gurgling sound. It means you should remove
    it from the heat
  • and place bottom of the coffee maker inside a cold water bath for few seconds. This stops the brewing process and prevents a burnt flavour.
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Parts of coffee maker:

It’s a grey and black colour, with aluminium construction

– one cup size in top (top cup)

– a funnel in the middle for filling with ground coffee (coffee basket)

-a pot at the bottom for water (base pot300ml)

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