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Spiralizer – create amazing new dishes

Hi lovely foodies 🌹😊 I have decided to open new section in my web site covering kitchen gadgets. I have many little gadgets that help me out with my cooking and I would like to share with you how to use them.

One of my favourite kitchen tools is my Spiralizer. Sometime ago I purchased my Spiralizer online from amazon for Β£11. It is called a Spiral Vegetable Cutter made by Visani. I am so happy with this gadget for lots of reasons.

All of us and use to use a hand grater for veggies or fruits and while we still use these, the Spiralizer is amazing for the following reasons:

– First of all it’s fun work with it, specially good for picky children or even adult family members

-Children love it

– Spiralizer help you to turn fruits or veggies into spaghetti pasta or noodle in few seconds

– Very good way to not to waste vegetables

– You can use fruits or veggies such as: zucchini, cucumber, carrot, potato, sweet potato, red/white cabbage, beetroot, turnip, onion, pumpkin, bell pepper, apple, pear,… and yet more that I have not tried yet πŸ™‚

-Due to the different shapes and size of blades in this tool, you can create curly, ribbons or shredded veggies/fruits

– This gadget is very easy to use and easy to clean

-It’s a new way to enjoy fruits /veggies

-it’s easy spiralizing

-it is definitely fascinating gift to your friends and family members.

let’s go to see different parts of this gadget and it’s instruction.

It comes like this in the box. It has 3 stainless steel cutting blades. A small locks is here which locks in tightly.

Using of this tool is straight forward

Locks it tightly down. Apply one of chosen blades. Wash the fruit/ vegetables, cut off the sides, put the fruit or vegetable on spiralizer, hold the handle, twisting around and spiralize it.

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