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Handcrafted Copper Kitchen Accessories

I was recently contacted on Instagram by the owner of copper.znj. He has a copper smelter in Zanjan, Iran and produces some beautiful products which I would like to share with you.

North West of Tehran, the capital of Iran, lies the province of Zanjan. It is rich in minerals and metals such as copper, lead and zinc.

Zanjan is famous for it’s beautiful handicrafts. Hand crafted dishes, pots and pans, trays, tea pots, plates, mugs and other items are made from copper and silver and is famous for decorative and highly crafted knives.

I have some copper items from Zanjan that I use in my kitchen and as centrepieces for my tables.

If you ever visit Iran, a trip to the Bazaar in Zanjan is a must. It is the longest traditional Bazaar in the world. There are many sections of the Bazaar dedicated to different products such as Goldsmiths, Copper products, shoes and rugs.

I love to present my foods and desserts in beautiful plates, pots, pans and so on. And many many times, my cooking page visitors ask me where I bought my copper items. I have had many comments about how beautiful and stylish they are.

When I visit Iran, I buy my copper items from local handicraft shops and from the local Bazaars.

I have attached some photos of hand made copper items such as pots, pans, jugs and cups which will brighten up your kitchen table.

If you are interested you can be in touch with this site via Instagram: copper.znj and email: They export their products to countries like New Zealand, Germany, Uk, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the UAE and everywhere in Iran.

If you visit his Instagram: copper.znj , you will see each item has a description in Farsi and English.

You will impress by these products.

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    1. Thanks Pamela. would you like i give your email address to the company and they be in touch with you??

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