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Rozina’s Persian Cuisine Night at McFarlane’s Restaurant in Scotland.

Hello and Salam to all friends and food page followers on facebook and wordpress 🌹🌹

As I announced earlier, My Persian night event was last night. It was great success, just fantastic. There was well over 30 people in the restaurant. It was from 7-10/30 p.m.

First of all I should thank Mr. Euan MacFarlane, the owner of MacFarlane restaurant for organizing the event for us. Many thanks also to Chef John and all the restaurant staff. They were friendly and kind.

The event started with a short film about the history and culture of Iran and Persia. Then I gave a brief explanation the starters, main dishes and dessert which were on the set menu.

It was hard hard work!! 3 days before event, everyday for 3-4 hours I was in the restaurant preparing the ingredients in advance.

The hard work was worth it! The result was so good. Everyone was happy with Persian food and I received kind and lovely, comments and feed back.

Our menu had vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices.

I made Persian eggplant dip/caviar made with grilled aubergines, fried onions, mint, garlic, yogurt and spices (Kashk-e Bademjan) also spinach puree made with young spinach leaves, onions, rice, yellow split peas with a yogurt-garlic sauce.

As an appetizer, I made two different soups: Azerbaijani noodle soup (Areshtah aashi) made with Persian noodles, prunes, meatballs, apple cider vinegar, chickpeas and lentils.

The second one was vegetarian Lentil soup, made with brown lentils, onion, dried lemon, turmeric and my secret ingredients!!

My last photo above is of a group of young Italian students who told me that they had been in Scotland for a month and had not had a better meal!!So much for Deep Fried Pizza then!

For the main course we had:

1- Beef stew with with peeled fried eggplants, beef, fried onions, spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, and grape juice. This stew is served over Persian saffron rice.

2- Rice with freshly chopped herbs. I used coriander, parsley, dill, chives and a touch of garlic. The aromatic rice served with fried salmon fish.

3- The last main course was rice with smoked noodles ( Reshteh polo رشته پلو). Reshte are Persian wheat noodles. This rice dish served with fried dates and raisins.

And finally for dessert , I prepared Chickpeas halwa topping with pistachio and dried rose petals and also fruity rice pudding (Firni فرنی میوه ای).

Euan had arranged Persian music to be played on the restaurant sound system for the night. There was a great atmosphere. The restaurant was packed and filled with the sound of happy conversation. Between mouthfuls!!

I have a gallery of photos from the night. Please note the empty plates!! I met some really wonderful people and hope to do business with them in the future. Special mention to the Rotarians!!

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