My Persian Cat

I have a lovely lovely cat, super cute. His name is Malus which means super cute in Farsi. He is 6 years old and so kind, friendly and peaceful.


He is just a gorgeous and clever creature. Every morning, he wakes me up, and  if i ignore him, I will receive several punches.

I take him out for daily walking, yes do not be surprised,  i take him with a lead  for a walk and he loves to visit neighbours and jump top of the walls or sitting for hours and hours on the wooden fence of our garden and staring.

He is just an amazing company that i never get tired of being with him.

When we go out and leave him alone at home, when we get back he just runs and come to us, like a human baby.

He  loves a lot sticks and flies. He is a good hunter. He never ever scratch you .


When i take him out for  his daily walk, and  people see a cat with a lead being walk  like a dog , they are  just surprised and  ask me is it a dog or cat? oh we thought it is dog!!!

Oh how friendly, what a lovely cat,may i touch him, and i say , sure , of course you can.

He has a very soft and silky hair. He loves to be brushed everyday.



I love him so much, and I just wanted to introduce him to the  world.


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