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Katmer (Kattama)

Katmer is folded dough, and is a Turkish desserts, that is originally from Gaziantepe. A crunchy pancake that is sooooo yummy and super easy to make it. Basically, Katmer is a thin dough ( filo pastry) packed with crushed pistachio, clotted cream (kaymak), sugar and butter. It might be baked either in the oven or in a pan.


There are more than one kind of Katmer in Turkey. Katmer can be served sweet or savoury. In some region it’s filled with sesame seed paste (tahini), in another regions it’s filled with poppy seeds, topping with icing sugar and serving with a nice cupa tea or with ice cream.



  • 3 Sheets of filo pastry

Ingredients for filling

  • 2 tbsp melted butter
  • 2 tbsp clotted cream or mascarpone cheese or kaymak
  • 2 tbsp ground pistachio
  • 1 tbsp white sugar

Ingredients for filling might be increased or decreased based on your taste.


Take the filo sheets out of your fridge 1 hour before using and leave to warm to room temperature.

Place on filo sheet on a work surface and brush with melted butter. Then overlap with another sheet. Brush melted butter again. Now leave a margin about 10 cm around the edges. Sprinkle some of crushed pistachio, then place small pieces of clotted cream, and then sprinkle sugar over the cream.


Now fold the four edges of the pastry ( as you see in the photos) to make a square shape parcel. Brush with melted butter top and bottom.

Heat the oil ( 1tbsp) in pan over medium heat. Place each parcel into the pan and fry each side about 2 minutes.

Once katmar is golden, remove from the pan and place in a platter and cut it into smaller pieces. Topping with crushed pistachio and icing sugar.




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