Oreo Truffles

These ore truffles are crazy tasty with a lovely texture: inside is cream cheese and outside is coated with melted white or dark chocolate and garnished with dried fruits or orange /lemon zest. Oh boy, It is very simple to prepare and is Soooooooo delicious. You just need Oreo cookies and cream cheese.



  • 24  Oreo cookies
  • 113 g cream cheese
  • Melted white /dark chocolate



put the cookies in a food processor and blend it like dust. Or with a rolling pin give them a good bash. Add cream cheese and mix together until well blended.

Line a tray with parchment paper and put little scoop ( 1tbsp) of cookie mixture on the tray. Put it in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, take it out of freezer and now they are less sticky and more harder so giving shape to them would be easier. Shape them into balls. Melt the chocolate and pour melted chocolate top of Ore balls OR dip Ore balls in melted chocolate. Sprinkle some lemon /orange zest or dried fruit or dried rose petals on top of truffles.

Put it in the fridge until firm. You can store them in a jar in the fridge and enjoy itttttt.





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