Desserts, Vegetarains

Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )

I remember in my childhood my aunties always used to make fruit leathers in traditional way in large trays and leave them outside in the garden or on the roof of their house in the sun for several days to dry out. You do not even need to have perfect fruit, so if there is… Continue reading Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )


Napoleon Cake

Napoleon cake is known worldwide with different names such as: Mille feuille, custard slices, napoleon. In Iran it is called Napoleoni . This delicious pastry, is made by crispy layers of puff pastry with a rich cream filling and garnishing the top with powdered sugar. Ingredients 2 puff pastry sheets Ingredients for filling 300 g… Continue reading Napoleon Cake

Bread, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال

Sheermal/shirmal bread naan  is a traditional mildly sweet flatbread in Iran. Sheer means milk in Persian language,and because the dough is kneaded with milk instead of water , it’s called sheermal, means a bread made with milk. Sheermal bread is popular in Iran, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Semnan سمنان is located in South of foothills… Continue reading Sheermal Naan Bread نان شیرمال

Ramadan ( Ramazan), Rice

Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Shiraz is an ancient city in SW of Iran. Shiraz is known as the city of literature, flowers, wine, gardens, nightingales and poets. This beautiful city is a one of the important tourism centres in Iran. With a short driving distance from Shiraz there are ruins of some of most spectacular ancient sites such as:… Continue reading Shirazi Rice Pilaf

Soup/aash, Vegetarains

Potato Soup

With few ingredients you can create a lush and delicious home made comfort potato soup. Ingredients 400 g potatoes, peeled and diced into small pieces 100 g onion, finely chopped 4-5 spring onions ( green part) 900 ml vegetable stock 120 ml cold milk 50 g butter Salt and chilli flakes to taste Instructions Melt… Continue reading Potato Soup