Chocolate lace lollipops

I love these chocolate lollipops . They are cute!! making these beauties was so fun and pretty simple. All you need is good quality dark or white chocolate, freezer bag and sticks.




  • white or dark chocolate
  • Candy chocolate (optional)
  • lollipops sticks
  • Baking paper
  • Freezer bag



On a baking paper, draw shapes like heart, square, circle, ..and use these designs as guide line. Or just be creative and draw other shapes.



Melt the white/dark chocolate. If you want to have coloured chocolate mix white chocolate with candy chocolates.

Pour melted chocolate into a freezer bag. Make a tiny hole on the tip of the plastic bag. Squeeze melted chocolate on the guide line and fill inside the shapes as well.

Finish off by adding a bit more chocolate to the bottom of design and place lollipop on it and then cover it with more chocolate. Repeat process with remains of ingredients.

Leave them dry. Once they dried up, carefully remove from baking paper.





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