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Sweet/Sour Mint Syrup (Sekanjabin سکنجبین)

During  the Summer time in Iran to avoid of heat of summer, housewives make and bottle different types of syrups (Sharbat)by cooking fruits or flowers and herbs in dissolved sugar/honey water. Then, we store them and when we are gathering in family members , friends and guests group, we serve it. One of most popular… Continue reading Sweet/Sour Mint Syrup (Sekanjabin سکنجبین)

Stew with polow

Persian Zucchini Stew خورش کدو سبز

Green zucchini/courgette stew  is a classic- colourful and flavourful Persian stew ( khoresht). Zucchini is called kadoo کدو in Farsi language. If you think courgette is boring, you have to try this recipe. It’s cooked in a lemony-tomato sauce along with beautiful spices such as Persian saffron, turmeric, ….You might use either beef/lamb or chicken… Continue reading Persian Zucchini Stew خورش کدو سبز


Armenian Gata Pastry شیرینی گاتا

Gata گاتا / Nazouk or nazook is one of the oldest Armenian pastry and heavenly delicious. . Armenian population in Iran make this yummy pastry and it is very popular in Iran. We can get it easily from confectioneries or bakeries. Basically gata is a sweet dough filled with walnuts and spiced crumb. It is… Continue reading Armenian Gata Pastry شیرینی گاتا