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Spiralized curly potatoes

Recently I bought spiralizer gadget. It has different blades and I made my crispy, curly potato fries. Ingredients 2-3 Potatoes Salt Red pepper paprika garlic powder Oil Method Peel the potatoes. Slice both ends of potatoes. Put the potato in the gadget and spiralize. Soak in the cold water to rinsed the starch off.Deep fry… Continue reading Spiralized curly potatoes


Fried Sausage flowers with eggs

These lovely flowers made with fried sausages and eggs. Very easy and cute. Ingredients Sausages or hot dog eggs Fresh mint or dill leaves Salt and pepper to taste Butter or Oil Preparation Cut the sausage in half lengthwise. Slice halfway through sausages. Form the sausage into a circle and secure the ends with cocktail… Continue reading Fried Sausage flowers with eggs