Bird Shaped Breads

I love💖💖 home made breads. When you make your breads you will never go back to buying them. I have shared plenty of my bread recipes from flavoured breads with garlic, onion, olive, to quick breads, and to be honest with you Nothing is better than to have home made fresh and warm bread specially in a miserable cold weather. These cute bird shape bread rolls are so easy to make.



600 g all purpose flour

250 ml warm water

80 ml olive oil or other veg oil

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp dry yeast



Sift the flour in a large bowl. Add water and yeast to the centre of the bowl, add a little bit of flour to the water. Whisk it well. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and leave it in a warm place for 30 minutes until yeast to activate.



Now add sugar, salt and oil to the flour and mix all ingredients together well and knead it for 10 minutes until have a smooth dough.

Drop oil in the bowl, place the dough inside the bowl. Cover it with a wet kitchen towel and leave it in a warm place for 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 180c degree.

After 2 hours, the dough is double in size and now knead the dough again and then divide it into small pieces (each one 55g).

Take a ball and roll it with your hand, like a long cigarette or sausages.. Make sure that sides are thicker, so just roll out the middle . For making a bird shape bread,tie the dough into a knot ( as you see in the photos).

Make one end a tale by pressing the fork or by a scissor ( as you see in the photos).

Instruction for making two birds is same, and by following photos you will learn it.

Make other end a head and a beak. For bird’s eye using a tooth piece and pierce the dough, leave it like that or fill the eye with raisins or sesame seeds. Arrange all bread shaped dough on a lined baking tray.

Transfer the baking tray into the oven along with a bowl of boiled water inside the oven, to keep breads moist. Then bake for 20-25 minutes. Once they are ready, brush with olive oil or other vegetable oil and serve it.








2 thoughts on “Bird Shaped Breads”

  1. What is traditional explanation for this double headed birds? The same birds are being baked in my local villages in Slovenia in Europe, but people don’t remember where this tradition came from….

    1. Good question. I just baked double headed bird shape bread, because it looked nice and was fun. But i know in some religions it is like a tradition to bake bird shape breads as birds are symbol for Mercy . 🙂 Sorry i do not know more reasons .

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