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Chocolate eggs

It’s very easy and lots of fun to make egg chocolates at home with lots of beautiful ideas for different fillings.



  • Chocolate egg shells
  • Milk chocolate, chopped
  • White chocolate, chopped
  • candy buttons
  • Dried raspberries, chopped


For filling

  • 1 cup soft cheese
  • ¾ cup cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup orange/ apricot jam



I melted the chocolates over the bain Marie (basically a pan with a little bit of water in it and pieces of chocolate in a bowl on top. The Water should be high enough to touch bottom and walls of the bowl.

Once chocolate is melted, scoop 1tsp of melted chocolate and cover the mould with chocolate. For making colour chocolate, simply add some candy chocolate ( red, pink, green) or chopped raspberries to the melted white chocolate and give different colours to the chocolates.

Put them in the fridge ( 10 minutes) until to dry and set. Then for second time spoon on another layer of melted chocolate and put them in the fridge again to chill for other 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix soft cheese, cream and vanilla extract together.

After few minutes loosen them from the mould by giving small push. Trim the edges. Fill each egg with cheese-cream mixture and orange jam ( or put some smarties inside the eggs) and seal the eggs with adding some melted chocolate around the edge of egg shell..and place the other shell on top and stick together.


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