Home made rock candy

In Iran we serve tea with sugars cubes (Qand ) as we say in Farsi , or with rock candy ( Nabaat). They are in different colours , flavor and size.

So I decided to make them at home. However I thought it would be difficult or impossible but on the contrary, it was lots of fun and result as you see is gorgeous. I adore my rock candies, they are so cute , colourful and just beautiful. Just you need to be patient



1 cup water

3 cups sugar

wooden sticks or string



food colouring

food flavouring



Add a cup of water to a big pot. Start to add a cup of sugar, stir it until dissolve. Then add other cup of sugar and keep stirring until dissolve. Finally add last cup of sugar and stir it until dissolve. Now, turn on the heat and bring to boil the sugar syrup. Then remove it from the heat and let it to cool down.

Now we prepare wooden sticks or string. These sticks and strings are where the sugar will crystallised on. Dipping sticks or string into the syrup and roll it into the sugar. Let them dry entirely.


Add food colouring to the jars ( and if you want you can add some food flavouring too) I added rose water to one of jars and mint flavour to the other one.

Now, pour sugar syrup into the jars, and give them stir. Now slowly insert wooden stick into the jar. Do not let wooden stick touch the bottom or sides of the jar. For better result is better to use two clothespians to keep sticks in the place.


Let they sit for about 7 to 14 days because they need time for growing new crystals and do not move them. (The length of time for crystallise is vary, and might be in 3 days or in 14 days so keep monitoring crystals until you are satisfied with the shape and size of rock candy.).After growing crystals take them off but if surface of jars are hard break them with a knife.

Let them dry and voila you have gorgeous rock candies. Sometimes all rock candies do not grow up in same size, some grow more than others.





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