Pistachio Balls

Pistachio balls with different flavours are lovely and healthy snacks. Ingredients 225g pistachio 225g dried milk powder 850ml water 2tbsp rose water 100g sugar 1tsp cardamom powder 1tsp saffron water Method Put water in a pot and bring it to a boil and remove it from the heat. Soak the pistachios in boiled water for 5 minutes. Drain the pistachios. Using a food processor and … Continue reading Pistachio Balls

Stuffed Meat Balls With Quail Eggs

Meatballs are always popular and favourite dish. Today i made stuffed meat balls with quail eggs and Tahini sauce. Ingredients for meat balls 250g ground beef 2 large potatoes 1 egg 2 tomatoes quial eggs 1 clove of garlic 2 tbs dried parsley 1 tsp dried mint 1 tsp cumin Bread crumbs Salt – sweet chili ‌Butter   Ingredients for sauce 2 tbsp Tahini sauce 1 … Continue reading Stuffed Meat Balls With Quail Eggs