Azerbaijani Noodle Soupاریشته آشی

This noodle soup is popular in NW of Iran. It has a sour/sweet taste due to vinegar and prunes in it. Noodle is called reshteh رشته in Farsi language. One of our most famous and popular soup/aash in Iran is called Aash-e Reshtehآش رشته which is made with fresh herbs, noodles, legumes and for topping we add kashk کشک( whey) and mint soup. There are some differet ingredients In Azerbaijani version of this soup. First of all there is no herbs in it, secondly, there are meat balls, and prunes and vinegar in this soup which gives a savoury taste to soup and for topping you just need mint sauce. This is a noodle soup with legumes, meat balls, fried onions and dried mint sauce.



200g Persian noodles ( if it is not available you can use egg noodles instead of Persian noodles)
1 large onion or 2 small ones
200g ground beef
2 cups of cooked lentils, chickpeas and pinto beans
1 cup prunes
2 Tbsp plain flour
½ cup apple cider or grape vinegar
Salt- black pepper to taste
1Tbsp dried mint
1 Tsp turmeric


In a big pot with 8cups of water, add flour and bring it to a boil. Mix ground meat with one of grated onions. Combine together. Give small balls shape to the meat and fry them until they are brown.
Finely chop second onion and fry until golden. Keep some for the garnishing and use remaining for mixing with the soup.

Once water started to boil, add cooked cereals, all spices, prunes, oil, vinegar, fried onion, noodles, and meat balls. Cook it on low heat until soup is thick.
For the garnishing the soup, fry dried mint and garnish with fried mint and fried onion.


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