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Persian Style Tea (Chai) چای ایرانی

Tea is one of most favourite and popular drinks in all over the world.

Tea is called in Farsi ‘ Chai’, an imported word from China.

In Iran your day starts with a cup of hot tea and then it continues, I mean, we drink tea during the day and also after each meal. And it’s great in cold days of winter time.

Traditionally, tea is served from a samovar, a heating vessel which is imported into Iran from Russia.

In old days, Semavar was most important item in any Persian kitchen but nowadays, a semavar is replaced by electronic tea pot and however making tea in semavar gives lots of flavour and taste to the tea but what to do, c’est la vie.

Before 1900, Persian used to drink coffee but once an Iranian brought some tea seed to Iran and started to cultivat it in north of Iran ( Caspian sea).

Tea house, or chaikhaneh, is available anywhere in Iran but most of the time tea house is called coffee hosue ( ghahveh khaneh).

Iranian tea has variety of flavours with reddish brown colour. Tea or Chai typically served in a ceramic cup and saucer and in some villages served in small beautiful bowls. Chi traditionally served with rock sugar, sugar cubes, honey, baklava and biscuits. .


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