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Tah Dig

Tahdig, which is literally means ‘ the bottom of the pot’ is speciality of Iranian cuisine consisting of crispy, crunchy, golden browned layer of either rice – bread, potatoes or meat taken from the bottom of the pot , while the rice on the top steams.
And usually in serving time of meal there is big battle for having more tahdig and when you have it, it will disappear quickly from the table with no leftover.

Most common ingredients for making tahdig include yogurt and saffron, bread, or potato . In some countries with rice eating culture, you can find a kind of tahdig . For instance: In China tahdig is called ‘Guoba’ forms during the boiling of rice over direct heat from a flame.

ته دیگ
In Spanish cuisine ‘ Socarrat’, the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the pan.

In Korean cuisine’ Nurungji’ is Korean type of tah dig at the bottom of the pot when rice is hard boiled.

In Dominican foods there is ‘ Concon’ which is a thin layer of burned rice from the bottom of the pot.
For making tadig, as I mentioned there are different ingredients and methods. In order to achieve tah dig, you need to put extra oil in the bottom of the pot. Popular one is to cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of flat and thin lavash bread or tortilla bred and then topping it with rice.
Other tah dig is to line the bottom of the pot with slices of potatoes before topping it with the rice.


Very basic and simplest tahdig is to use plain rice. The rice should be toasted and making a crackling sound. This is tahdig.
There is other technique to mix rice with yogurt, curry spices and saffron. Result would be colourful saffroni and curry flavour with thick pan-fried texture.
At the end, in Persian cuisine tah dig can be considered a ‘delicacy’.


You can visit my video about making tah dig in youtube: Tah Dig by Rozina Dinaa





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