Pan Fried Sumac Kebab

Sumac is one of essential spices in Middle East cooking. It is lovely spice with purple colour and lemony taste. In Iranian cuisine, Sumac is used in stews, Kebabs and rice for the flavour.

200 g ground beef/lamb meat
2 medium onions
2 potatoes/ cooked
2 tomatoes
2 Tbsp flour
1 Tbsp ground sumac
½ tsp turmeric
Salt- chilli powder to taste


Grate the onions. Squeeze out of the juice. Add ground meat , flour, sumac and all spices to the grated onions and combine all together very well.

Heat the oil in a pan, take a portion of meat mixture and give a shape, place in the pan alongside with tomatoes. Cook until kebabs are brown and cooked.
These lovely pan fried kebabs could be serves with rice or bread, cooked potatoes and fried tomatoes.




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