Grilled Corn (Balaal بلال کبابی)

Corn is called zorrat ذرت / Balaalبلال in Farsi. Grilled corn on charcoal fire or burner is very popular and favourite in Iran, it is the way Persians grill  balaal ( corn) and make it crunchy and very enjoyable. Usually in Summer time, if you go for walking around in the night , there are food vendors on the side of the streets who sell grilled corns or balaal kababi بلال کبابی and it is one of all Iranians Summer time memories.. Grilled balaal is absolutely delish. Once corns done, you should dip them in a buket of salted warm water and allow to set for 10 minutes and then voila, it is ready.
This is very super easy recipe for grilling balaal, so easy and so good .


All you need are: corns
2 tbsp salt,
2 cups hot water



Well I have prepared my grilled balaal over gas ring as you see in the photos and still it was very tasty but originally it’s prepared as following direction:
First place salt in a bowl, add hot water,dissolve salt and set aside. Then, heat the fire until charcoal turns white, and place corns over burning charcoals. Cook until corns are slightly blackened. Then, put them in salted water for 2-3 minutes and then dadaaaaaaaa it is ready , so so so tasty.


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