Chocolate Flowers

These gorgeous flowers made of melted white chocolate. It is lots of fun and great moment while you prepare these flowers. It gives you great feeling when you create such beautiful flowers. First of all it is super easy to make it, secondly, you do not need lots of tools and actually only tool would be plastic spoons in different sizes. You are not allowed to use metal spoon 🙂 because it would not work and will ruin your effort, so just use plastic spoons. Last thing is that because chocolate is very sensitive to temperature, using water based food colouring will change your melted chocolate into a piece of hard chocolate. But candy melts are great for adding to melted chocolate, and they come in many different colours.



Chocolate flowers


White chocolate

candy melt

plastic spones ( table and tea spoones)

Edible sprinkles



Melt the white chocolate and candy melts separately. Then add candy melts to melted white chocolate .


Dip back of the spoon in melted chocolate, tap the spoon in order to cover back of it and clean the edges with your finger. Follow the procedure for all spoons with different sizes.

Put them in the fridge for 10 minutes until dry. Then, do second coat with melted chocolate. Put them back in the fridge and let them dry. Now, easily remove chocolate petals from the spoons. Trim the edges with a cutter (as you see in the photo).


Now, place a piece of parchment paper at the bottom of a plate. Put a little of melted chocolate in the centre of paper and attach first large petal, Keep your finger on petal for a second, instantly it will dry and stick. Repeat with 3 other large petals ( I have made flower with 4 petals but you can make with 6 ).

Then pour some melted chocolate in the centre of large petals and repeat procedure with smaller petals. At the end, decorate your flowers with edible sprinkles and enjoy your gorgeous chocolate flowers.



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