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Pickled Vegetables

Torshi/pickle is Mixed vegetables/fruits preserved in vinegar and salt. Torshi Literally means ‘sour’. Torshi is very popular in Iran, Republic Azerbaijan, Turkey and Arabic countries. Specially in Iran you can find wide variety of pickles.
Nowadays, usually house wives like old days during the Autumn go to grocery and buy all fresh herbs and vegetables , bring home, clean and wash. Then start to make their torshi ( pickle) and keep it for winter time. Because we use to have pickles with our dishes in Winter and salad in Summer time 🙂
Torshi is served with meaty dishes or rice.. Combination of fresh vegetables with aromatic spices would be good appetizing side dish with wonderful flavour.
The most important point in making torshi is to make sure all the ingredients have the best quality.

Small cucumber
Bell peppers
Small size onions
Cherry tomatoes
White cabbage
Red chili
Beetroot (for giving beautiful red-pink colour)
Chili powder
Coriander powder

Water and salt proportion would be : each 1 cup of water needs ¾ Tbsp. salt.
In a large jar, arrange vegetables as you wish.
Once it is done, mix water, salt and spices as much as you need and pour over the vegetables to cover the jar completely. Then, tightly seal the jar with a lid. And let in a cool corner of the kitchen for 10 days.
After 10 days, pickled vegetables are ready.


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