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Cabbage dish

This is an easy quick cabbage dish,  full of flavour and colour.



half of a small white cabbage, lengthwise sliced

1 large onion, thinly and lengthwise sliced

300g minced beef or lamb

Small bunch of coriander, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

2 medium tomatoes, diced

2 tbsp tomato paste

3tbsp rice, cooked

½ tsp turmeric

salt and chilli flakes to taste




Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté onions until soft. Add minced meat and fry it until brown. Then add chopped garlic, tomatoes, turmeric, tomato paste, cooked rice, chopped coriander, season with salt and chilli, stir well and allow to cook for 10 minutes. Set aside.

Separately, sauté chopped cabbage for 5 minutes. Pour ½ cup water, season with salt and chilli, allow to cook the cabbage until soft.

Serve cabbage on a plate and top it with meat mixture.

Nosh-e jaan


PS: I hope you like this dish and my page. Please leave a comment and  let me know what is your idea about it. By the way you can find me on : facebook,,,  youtube and pinterest under this name: Rozina’s Persian Kitchen, also in Instagram: rozina dinaa 5. If you enjoy my recipes please subscribe on here to get more Persian/Azerbaijani hearty recipes. Thank you so very much 🙂



خوراک کلم سفید

خوراک کلم سفید غذای سبک و آسونی هست که سریع تهیه میشه و خیلی خوش طعمخوش رنگه.

مواد لازم

نصف کلم سفید – به صورت طولی خرد شده

یک عدد پیاز درشت – خلالی خرد شده

سیصد گرم گوشت چرخ کرده

یک دسته ی کوچک گشنیز خرد شده

دو حبه سیر خرد شده

دو عدد گوجه‌فرنگی درشت خرد شده

دو ق غ رب گوجه‌فرنگی

سه ق غ برنج پخته

نصف ق چ زردچوبه

نمک و فلفل خشک به میزان لازم


طرز پخت

روغن را درتابه گرم می کنیم و پیاز خلالی شده را کمی تفت می دیم تا نرم بشه. گوشت چرخ کرده رو به پیاز اضافه می‌کنیم وسرخ می‌کنیم تا رنگ گوشت هم قهوه ای بشه. بعد سیر خرد شده – گوجه‌فرنگی هازردچوبه – رب گوجه – برنج پخته و گشنیز خرد شده را همراه با نمک و فلفل به مواد بالا اضافه می‌کنیم . همه ی مواد روکمی هم می‌زنیم تا خوب با هم مخلوط بشن و میگذاریم ۱۰ دقیقه روی حرارت ملایم بپزن و بعد از روی گاز بر می‌داریم و کنار میگذاریم.

کلم خرد شده رو هم ۵ دقیقه در روغن تفت می دیم . بعد نصف پیمانه آب رو همراه با کمی نمک و فلفل روی کلم می‌ریزیم و میگذاریم کلم تا نرم شدن بپزه.

غذا حاضره. کلم رو داخل بشقاب می‌کشیم و سس گوشت آماده شده رو روی کلم پخش می کنیم.

خیلی خوشمزه میشه.

نوش جان



Hello everyone, my name is Rozina. I am Iranian with Azerbaijani roots. I was raised in Iran but I am living in Scotland. I am passionate about cooking and preparing meals for my family and friends. I tell them the story behind the meal, the pronunciation of their Iranian name and the spices that used in Persian cuisine. I am an archaeologist, photographer, a cooking teacher, and very interested to introduce Persian and Azerbaijani meals, desserts and beverages to people from different cultures, as I love to try food from all over the world. Iranian cuisine is a combination of rice with meat ( chicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey), nuts, fruits, dried and fresh herbs and vegetables. Iranian food is a celebration of flavor, colour and spices such as: saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, dried rose petals, dried limes, cumin, .... I share my recipes in Farsi/English along with step by step photos of preparation. I take all my own pictures. I have learned my traditional Persian and Azerbaijani recipes from my lovely mother, and she has learned from her mother. Over the years, I have experimented and learned more recipes. Some of my recipes are a fusion Western and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some are forgotten from Persian cooking tables and I try with posting and sharing those ones, to preserve them. All my recipes and pictures are property of rozinaspersiankitchen. I would be pleased if you would mention my site if you wish to use any of them. So, if you are interested to know about Persian /Azerbaijani food taste, you can try my website. I will be glad to hear your ideas about my recipes. :) Thank you for visiting my website.

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