Rozina’s Persian Calzone Pizza پیتزا کالزونه

Calzone pizza is very easy to make it. Usually need pizza dough and sometimes tortilla bread. In this recipe I have made my version of Persian calzone pizza. It was so good and everyone enjoyed it. I hope you also like this recipe and try it. Calzone pizza ingredients 200 g minced beef 80 g… Continue reading Rozina’s Persian Calzone Pizza پیتزا کالزونه


Chocolate Flowers

These gorgeous flowers made of melted white chocolate. It is lots of fun and great moment while you prepare these flowers. It gives you great feeling when you create such beautiful flowers. First of all it is super easy to make it, secondly, you do not need lots of tools and actually only tool would… Continue reading Chocolate Flowers

Halloween, Stew with polow

Pumpkin-Prune Stew خورش کدوحلوایی و آلو

This dish is combination of meat with fruits and lots of warm spices such as Persian saffron زعفران that is king of spices, cumin زیره, cinnamonدارچین, turmericزردچوبه and chilli flakes. It is just a festival of flavour and aroma with beautiful colours. this dish is real taste of Autumn and Winter season and perfect for… Continue reading Pumpkin-Prune Stew خورش کدوحلوایی و آلو


Stuffed Bread With Mashed Potatoes

These bread potatoes are amazing. Taste is wonderful, their shape is beautiful and Pretty plus very quick and easy we can prepare them. Ingredients 3 boiled and peeled potatoes 3-4 slices of bread Handful fresh parsley leaves, finely chopped 1 medium onion, finely diced 1 Tsp turmeric ½ Tsp cumin Salt and chilli flakes Oil… Continue reading Stuffed Bread With Mashed Potatoes