Salad/pickles/ jams

Pickled Grapes (Torshi angoor ترشی انگور)

Angoor in Persian language means grape and Torshi means pickle. This is a delicious recipe for pickled grapes. It’s a tangy- sweet supplement to rice – meat dishes and would be great alongside bread and cheese. Or or like what I do, just put out some of them from the jar and eat them by… Continue reading Pickled Grapes (Torshi angoor ترشی انگور)


Iranian cabbage rice ( kalam polow Shirazi)

This meal is one of the most popular rices in Iran. Combination of cabbage ( kalam) with rice, flavorful herbs and minced meat, makes an aromatic rice from beautiful and famous city of Shiraz in SW of Iran. Ingredients: 200g rice 200g cabbage leaves ( or turnip cabbage) 100g fresh herbs (dill- tarragon- basil-mint-spring onion)… Continue reading Iranian cabbage rice ( kalam polow Shirazi)

Desserts, Gata bread 2

Gata Bread نان گاتا

Gata گاتا is a thick, gorgeous, aromatic, golden outside, soft and sweet inside Armenian cake. Gata is one of Armenian's cake for Christmas and new year, which is baked by Armenian in Iran.Gata can be found in variety of size, shape, fillings and versions. In old times, gata was baked inside the tandoori oven but… Continue reading Gata Bread نان گاتا