Beef/Chicken Meatballs

These yummy ground beef/ minced chicken kebab balls are crispy and easy to prepare. You can serve it with rice/bread or prepare spaghetti with these kebabs OR freeze them and use whenever you need. Ingredients for beef kebab balls 300 g ground beef 1 onion grated 1 Tbsp cream 1 Tbsp saffron water 2 Tbsp… Continue reading Beef/Chicken Meatballs


Naan Barbari نان بربری

Bread is called ' Naan' in Fasi language. In Iran we have different types of breads Like Nan Lavash, Nan Sangak such as this one: Nan Taftun like this one: and last but not least, Naan Barbari ( I love this one ). Naan Barbari is a type of flat and giant bread with about… Continue reading Naan Barbari نان بربری

Stew with polow

Persian Artichoke & Celery Stew خورش کنگرفرنگی وکرفس

Artichoke is called (kangar Farangi= کنگر فرنگی یا ارده شاهی ) in Farsi. Artichoke uses in foods and cooking, as an ingredient for making stew خورش, soup سوپ, salad, tea چای and other beverages also in medicinal uses مصارف دارویی. You can use this plant in different methods of cooking like: steaming, sauteing, frying, roasting,… Continue reading Persian Artichoke & Celery Stew خورش کنگرفرنگی وکرفس