Cheese wraps

This recipe is about cheese wraps. It is fast and easy and fun to prepare.
Tortilla bread or Persian Lavash bread
Turkey slices ( or Ham)
Red bell pepper, finely chopped
Spring onions , finely chopped
Grapes, finely chopped
Walnuts, crushed
Black olives, chopped
Cream cheese
Salt to taste

I am going to prepare two different types of cheese wraps. One with cheese, walnuts, and grapes. Second one with cheese, Turkey slices, bell pepper, black olives and herbs.
In a bowl with cream cheese, add chopped bell pepper, black olives, herbs, and pinch of salt. Mix well together.
Spread thinly cream cheese mixture on the bread and just make sure all over the bred is covered. Put slices of Turkey top of cheese mixture. Rolls up bread tightly as much you can. Wrap it nice and firm. Put warped bread in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Then, unwrap carefully and cut it into small pieces. They are gorgeous
In a bowl with cream cheese, add chopped grapes and walnuts. Mix together. Spread second cream cheese mixture top of the bread and repeat process like above mentioned.





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