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Dolmeh barge- mo /or stuffed grape leaves دلمه برگ مو

Dolmeh or Stuffed Grape Leaves are one of the most popular dishes in Iran, Turkey, Greece, and many Central Asian countries. You can find dolmeh in different types: sometimes dolmeh includes wrapping leaves of grape leaves , or cabbage leaves around filling and sometimes stuffed eggplant, bell pepper or tomato are called dolmeh as well.

All types are really tasty and just yummy. My mother used to cook Sweet dolmeh ( with grape leaves, sugar, vinegar, raisin, minced beef, yellow split peas and rice) and also sour dolmeh. Today I am going to present sour dolmeh from Ardebil. This type of dolmeh has rich ingredients. You need good time for stuffing and rolling leaves.

100 g fresh and tender grape leaves or jar grape leaves
200 g ground beef or lamb
100 g onion
Bunch of fresh fragrant herbs (dill, mint, parsley, coriander, spring onion, chives)
4 tbsp yogurt
3 tbsp yellow split peas
10 tbsp boiled rice
8 tbsp olive oil
1tsp salt
1tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp white pepper


How to prepare the filling
Wash herbs. Chop finely all your herbs. Chop onion. You can use food processors or use metal grater. Place ground beef in a big bowl and add your chopped herbs and onion to that. Add 5 tbsp olive oil, yogurt, salt, pepper, and turmeric. Meanwhile, cook rice and yellow split peas separately. Add them to rest of ingredients. Mix well by hand.
In dolmeh, fragrant herbs are very important, especially mint and dill with powerful fragrant give gorgeous flavor to your food.
Now we are going to roll our dolmehs. First of all, if you use jar grape leaves, drain off brine and rinse them with cold water. If you use fresh tender grape leaves, bring water to boil and allow to cook leaves for 3-4 minutes. Cut off stems of leaves by knife or scissor. Take a leaf, and place 1 tbsp of stuffing in the center of a leaf. Give a roll, then fold bottoms in and go on with rolling it again. Repeat it with rest of your stuffing and leaves.
Take a big pot. place rolled leaves one by one in the pot. Pour 300 ml cold water plus 3 tbsp olive oil. Place a small plate top of dolmeh. You do this to avoid of moving rolled leaves in the pot. Cover the pot and allow to cook on the medium heat for 40 minutes. You can serve dolmeh warm or cold. I personally prefer cold ones.
Nosh-e Jan

دلمه برگ مو / یارپاخ دلماسی
دلمه از غذاهایی هست که در ایران- ترکیه- یونان و کشورهای آسیای مرکزی بسیار طرفدار دارد. دلمه انواع مختلفلی دارد مثل دلمه بادمجان- کدو-گوجه فرنگی- برگ مو و برگ کلم. هر نوع دلمه بسیار لذیذ می باشد . امروز من طرز تهیه ی دلمه ی برگ مو اردبیلی را به اشتراک می گذارم.
نکته ی مهم در تهیه ی دلمه استفاده از سبزیهای معطر و نیز دقت در پیچیدن دلمه ها می باشد.

مواد لازم

سی – چهل برگ مو تازه یاکنسروی

دویست گرم گوشت چرخ کرده

یک عدد پیاز

یک دسته سبزی معطر شامل جعفری-گشنیز-تره-نعنا-شوید- پیازچه

چهار ق غ ماست

نصف پیمانه برنج پخته

سه ق غ لپه ی پخته
نمک -فلفل به میزان لازم

کمی زردچوبه

روغن مایع

_برگ مو

طرز تهیه
سبزیها را شسته و بسیار ظریف و ریز خرد نمایید. پیاز را نیز ریز خرد کنید. در یک ظرف بزرگ پیاز-سبزیجات خرد شده- گوشت چرخ کرده- ادویه ها- ماست- لپه – برنج و 5-4 ق غ روغن را با هم خوب مخلوط نموده و به کناری بگذارید.
.اگر از برگ موهای کنسروی استفاده می کنید قبل از پیچیدن دلمه ها- برگ های مو را زیر آب شیر قرار داده تا نمک آن شسته شو د. اگر از برگ های تازه استفاده می کنید- ابتدا دم برگ ها را قطع کنید سپس درمقداری آب جوش برگ ها را برای 4-3 دقیقه بپزید و سپس بگذارید برگ ها خنک شوند.
حالا یک ق غ از مایع دلمه را وسط برگ مو گذاشته ویک بار برگ را بپیچید سپس دو سر برگ را تا کنید و باز برگ را بپیچید. همه ی برگ ها را به همین ترتیب آماده کنید و داخل قابلمه بچینید. 300 میلی لیتر آب همراه با 3 ق غ روغن را به روی دلمه ها ریخته و یک بشقاب روی دلمه ها بگذارید تا دلمه ها تکان نخورند. در قابلمه را گذاشته و اجازه دهید برای 40 دقیقه بپزد.این دلمه های خوشمزه را سرد یا گرم می توانید سرو نمایید.



Hello everyone, my name is Rozina. I am Iranian with Azerbaijani roots. I was raised in Iran but I am living in Scotland. I am passionate about cooking and preparing meals for my family and friends. I tell them the story behind the meal, the pronunciation of their Iranian name and the spices that used in Persian cuisine. I am an archaeologist, photographer, a cooking teacher, and very interested to introduce Persian and Azerbaijani meals, desserts and beverages to people from different cultures, as I love to try food from all over the world. Iranian cuisine is a combination of rice with meat ( chicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey), nuts, fruits, dried and fresh herbs and vegetables. Iranian food is a celebration of flavor, colour and spices such as: saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, dried rose petals, dried limes, cumin, .... I share my recipes in Farsi/English along with step by step photos of preparation. I take all my own pictures. I have learned my traditional Persian and Azerbaijani recipes from my lovely mother, and she has learned from her mother. Over the years, I have experimented and learned more recipes. Some of my recipes are a fusion Western and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some are forgotten from Persian cooking tables and I try with posting and sharing those ones, to preserve them. All my recipes and pictures are property of rozinaspersiankitchen. I would be pleased if you would mention my site if you wish to use any of them. So, if you are interested to know about Persian /Azerbaijani food taste, you can try my website. I will be glad to hear your ideas about my recipes. :) Thank you for visiting my website.

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