Persian Mikado Wafer

Mikado wafer cookies are  very popular in Iran and can get it in all bakeries and confectioneries in Tehran and other cities. It is basically wafer sheets coated with mixture of melted chocolate or cocoa with aromatic spices. Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 340 g unsalted butter 2/3 cup powdered sugar 2 tbsp. cocoa powder… Continue reading Persian Mikado Wafer


Spicy Pan Fried Kebab

Kebab could be   grilled  or simply cooked in a pan. Main ingredient is ground or diced lamb, beef or chicken ( or mixture of all) alongside with vegetables. Today i cooked pan fried kebab with minced meat with fried potatoes and tomatoes. Ingredients 270g ground beef/lamb 2 medium onion 2 large potatoes 2 medium tomatoes… Continue reading Spicy Pan Fried Kebab

Stew with polow

Chicken & Dried Apricot Stew خورش قیسی

Apricot stew is a great meal for family and friends. It has simple recipe to follow. This fruity, delicious and warming is one of those stews that in cold weather usually comes to our Persian sofreh سفره(table). It is with plenty of flavour due to Using aromatic spices such as saffron, cinnamon and turmeric… Continue reading Chicken & Dried Apricot Stew خورش قیسی


Toasted flat bread with jalapeno and cheese

Ingredients 100 g shredded cheddar cheese Slices of pickled jalapeño rings Slices of tomatoes Flat bread   Preparation Place shredded cheddar cheese, slices of jalapeno pepper and tomato on a piece of bread. Put another slice top of them. Place it in the sandwich maker and toast it.     نان برشته با فلفل هالوپینو… Continue reading Toasted flat bread with jalapeno and cheese