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Persian Beef Stew with Sumac

Are you thinking of what to cook for dinner ? No worries, guys. Today’s meal is called Persian beef stew with sumac.

Maybe you say, oh Rozina , I know what is beef but what is this sumac now? 😁For those who have not tried sumac or have not heard about sumac, I explain a little about what is sumac.

Sumac سماق  or as we say in Farsi سماق is a red or purplish-red powdered spice made from the berries . It has a tart, lemony taste but It is not, as sour as lemon or vinegar. This beautiful spice can be used in everything from dressings to delicious marinades. It’s well with vegetables, soup, grilled meat, chicken and fish. Also, You can use sumac as a topping on salad or MIX sumac with oil to make a tasty paste and spread on bread before baking. Try using sumac in salads, or humus instead of lemon juice, I am sure you would enjoy it.

Sumac is a popular and essential spice in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. In Iranian cuisine, sumac,i s sprinkled on salad before serving or sprinkle on Persian white rice and kabab or used in stew, like today’s meal.

There are great health benefits from sumac spice.

  • The antioxidant value of sumac spice is phenomenal.
  • Sumac spice can help lower blood sugar levels. …
  • Sumac juice is high in vitamin C.
  • also, sumac is good for dyeing vegetables and wool as well.

Perhaps, you would ask, Ok Rozina, it seems sumac is a delicious spice, so where can I buy it? Answer is: You’ll be able to buy sumac from Middle Eastern or Asian Markets – also, you can order online by amazon.

Beef stew wit sumac is a local dish from NW of Iran. It has a very unique taste due to sumac as a main ingredient. Sumac سماق  with it’s purple colour, salty and zesty flavour give very unique taste to the dish. . In Iran and Middle East countries sumac is popular spice.

In Iranian cuisine sumac is used for garnishing kebab or rice. You can add it to salad as well. This stew is one of those forgotten dishes in Persian cuisine and you should be luck to find it and try it. This is sumac stew with beef but you can use lamb meat too.

Sumac is a beautiful colourful spice that is popular and widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine.. Please do not confuse this sumac with poison sumac that cause skin rash. .There is beautiful mountainous area in East Azerbaijan in Iran, is called ‘ Arasbaaran ارسباران ’. Every year at the end of the Summer and beginning of the Autumn, during a ‘sumac harvest festival’ , Sumac fruits is collected and in a process, make dry sumac fruits and make sumac powder or ground sumac.

200g beef /lamb , diced
2 large onions, cut into rings
1 large potato, diced in cube shape
5tbsp sumac powder
1/2tsp turmeric
1/2tsp cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil or butter

Heat the oil in a pan and sauté diced meat until change the colour. In a separate pan fry turmeric, cinnamon and pepper for 1 minute, once fried spices starts to develop aroma, remove from the heat.
Pour enough water in a pot. Add in sauted meat and fried spices to the pot and cook it until the meat is tender. Once meat is cooked, season with salt.

Sauté onion in oil in nonstick skillet over medium heat until just transparent. 

Remove onions from the pan and add potatoes – with a drop of more oil if needed. Sauté potatoes until light brown, stirring and flipping as needed.

Add them to the cooked meat. Finally add sumac powder as well. Pour in 1 cup of water , gently stir all ingredients together. Taste the stew and if needs more pepper or salt, season it. Let simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Sumac stew is served with rice.
Bon appetite

خورش سماق

خورش یا تاس کباب سماق یکی از غذاهای محلی اردبیلی هست و به واسطه ی طعم ترش و لیمویی سماق- این خورش طعم و رنگ و مزه ی فوق العاده بی نظیری دارد.

ماده ی اصلی برای تهیه ی این غذای لذیذ سماق می‌باشد و در کل یک خورش با مواد اولیه ساده هست ولی با کلی عطرو طعم و مزه.

مواد لازم:

دویست گرم گوشت خورشتی گوساله یا گوسفندی

دو عدد پیاز بزرگ خرد شده

یک عدد سیب زمینی

چهار -پنج ق غ سماق

نصف ق چ زردچوبه

یک ق چ دارچین

نمک و فلفل به میزان نیاز

روغن زیتون

طرز تهیه:

گوشت گوساله را خرد کرده و در روغن کمی تفت دهید تا رنگ گوشت تغییر نمایید. زردچوبه – دارچین و فلفل را به مدت 2 دقیقه در روغن تفت دهید وقتی بوی ادویه به مشامتان رسید از روی حرارت بردارید. گوشت را همراه با مقدار مناسبی آب داخل قابلمه ریخته – ادویه های تفت داده شده را به گوشت اضافه کرده و اجازه دهید گوشت به آرامی بپزد و نرم گردد.

زمانیکه گوشت پخته و نر م شد.از روی حرارت برداشته و پیازار حلقه حلقه برش داده ودر روغن کمی تفت میدهیم تا فقط نرم شود. سپس از تابه خارج کرده و سیب زمینی ها را نیز کمی تفت میدهیم تا به صورت جزیی طلایی رنگ شوند. سپس همه ی مواد را داخل قابلمه ریخته و سماق را هم اضافه میکنیم. یک پیمانه آب روی خورش ریخته و مزه خورشت را میچشیم اگر نیازی به نمک و فلفل بیشتری بود به آن افزوده و اجازه میدهیم به مدت بیست تا سی دقیقه روی حرارت ملایم پخته و جا بیفتد.. این خورشت با برنج سرو میشود.

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  1. Mmmm. I bet this is delicious. I have used suman berries to make a lemonade type of drink, but never for cooking. I’ll have to check some plants to see if there’s anything left to harvest. 🙂

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