Persian sour herbs stew (Torishi tareh)

Torshi tareh is a delicious- veggie and traditional stew dish from North of Iran. It might be served with either plain steamed rice or with bread. Ingredients 70g coriander, finely chopped 70g parsley, finely chopped 100g spinach leaves, finely chopped 20g fresh mint leaves, finely chopped 3spring onions, finely chopped 2tbsps cooked rice 3eggs 2tbsp… Continue reading Persian sour herbs stew (Torishi tareh)


Iranian Tomato Stew (Pamador Ghatogh پامادور قاتق )

This is a vegetarian dish, that is called ‘‘pamador ghatogh پامادور قاتق’’ in Persian language. It’s a simple dish, easy to make it, full of flavour and delicious. The recipe of this dish is in danger of being forgotten. Pamador ghatogh is a local dish from Gilan province استان گیلان, a beautiful green land in… Continue reading Iranian Tomato Stew (Pamador Ghatogh پامادور قاتق )


Garlic Bread Knots نان سیر گره دار

I have baked these beautiful garlic knots with my home made pizza dough. But you can get pizza dough from supermarket or just as I mentioned make your own dough as I did. Ingredients 500g strong flour bread 325ml lukewarm water 7g dried yeast 1tsp salt 4 cloves of garlic, grated handful fresh parsley leaves,… Continue reading Garlic Bread Knots نان سیر گره دار


Azerbaijani Naan Fateer فطیر

Fateer فطیر is one of tradional and local stuffed pastry in Iran. There are different recipes from different cities of Iran for these beauties. This Azerbaijani version, is called Fateer فطیر or Shereen chorakشیرین چورک in Azerbaijani language. Shereen chorak means Sweet bread. They are truly delicious and gorgeous with a golden yellow filling made… Continue reading Azerbaijani Naan Fateer فطیر