Beetroot patty ( Cutlet-e labu)

Beetroot patty Iranians love beets. One of the more popular street foods in Iran [during] the winter are  roasted sugar beets. People  buy these blazing hot sugar beets and eat them plain." Beetroot is one of those vegetables that has lots of benefits and good for health. You can make loads of salads, soups, stews… Continue reading Beetroot patty ( Cutlet-e labu)


Persian Cabbage soup (Aash-e Kalam آش کلم )

In Persian cuisine, there are two different kinds of soup. If a soup is thin is called 'soup' but if soup is thick and rich is called ' Aash'. This هis recipe for Aash-e Kalam or cabbage soup. Cabbage is called (Kalam کلم ) in Farsi. it is one of the Persian soups, a healthy… Continue reading Persian Cabbage soup (Aash-e Kalam آش کلم )